Good Vibes Only on Friday the 13th

The dreaded day is here. Friday the 13th.

Every so often this day comes and people begin to freak out about the superstitions and bad juju that goes with it. It’s odd to me how so much negativity consumes so many people on one single day due to stigma attached it. I’m not saying bad, strange, or unfortunate things don’t happen on the Friday the 13th, but let’s not rule out the other 355 days of the year. Bad days or things are bound to happen. Sometimes we can’t control them, but we can control our outlook and how we react to just every day life even on this silly day.

Hence good vibes ONLY!

Instead of living today in fear or worry that something bad is headed your way, make an effort to stay positive and see the bright side of things. You never know, maybe something good could come your way. I know I’m not alone in thinking this way especially on days like today. Does anyone view this day the same way or even as a lucky day?

– M


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