la la land movie review

La La Land: Movie Review

Ok, let me start off by saying that I originally wrote this blog post/review last Sunday. I had every intention to post it then, but as I was writing this was when my cat got sick. Don’t worry, she’s fine! After a trip to the vet earlier in the week, she got her dose of kitty antibiotics and is back to her old self. It wasn’t until today that I realized I still had this sitting in my drafts, so here it is…

la lan land

My fiance and I went to see La La Land last week and WOW! I have always enjoyed musicals (done right, that is) and classic Hollywood films and THIS film encompassed both.

If you haven’t seen the movie and would like to, please stop reading because I may reveal a few spoilers below.

I had high expectations going to see this film after hearing all the wonderful reviews and watching it basically sweep the Golden Globes. Now, I know why so many people love it and why it won so many awards because it deserves all of the awards.

The begins story in true musical form with a catchy number that takes place on the crowded highway of Los Angeles. Once the song is done, which is a shame because it is truly one of those songs that makes you want to get up and dance, we have our “meet cute” with Sebastian and Mia. We learn that Sebastian is a struggling jazz musician and Mia is a struggling actress. Coincidentally, they run into each other and their relationship blossoms as any Hollywood love story would. As they work toward their dreams, they hit a few bumps in the road that test their relationship and ultimately sends them on their separate ways. By doing this, it helps launch their careers and finally reach their aspiring dreams. Fast forward five years and we see our main characters living their lives happily without each other. When they finally are in the same room again, a simple glance and with the help of a few notes played on the piano by Sebastian, we are transported to the “what if” scenario. The one that shows the happily ever after of success and falling in love for Sebastian and Mia. However, that isn’t the case and the movie ends with them stealing one more glance and smirking.

Honestly, I LOVED the way this movie ended. I liked that they didn’t ride off into the sunset together. I know many people who didn’t like the ending for this reason and I believe it’s because they interpreted this film as a love story filmed with great acting, chemistry, brilliant singing and songwriting, and visually stimulating scenes. While I agree that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s acting and chemistry were extremely on point, and while the singing, songwriting, dancing, and overall film was an absolute joy, I did not view this film as a love story. It was never supposed to be about a love story, at least not the main focus. How I interpreted the film was Sebastian and Mia falling in love was just part of the story. What this story really is about is not falling in love with someone, but falling in love with what makes you happy. Their relationship was a part of their individual stories. We got to see in the end that for the both of them they were living out their dreams, just not together and that’s OK. Sometimes people are temporary in our lives, but that doesn’t change the memories and the emotions we may have for them. We will always carry a torch for the people in our lives that truly touch us in ways that mold us into the people we want to become. Even though Sebastian and Mia didn’t work out in the end, you can tell that in that very last scene they are happy for each other and be okay with how life turned out for one another.

Agree or disagree, everyone is entitled to their opinions this is just mine.

Setting aside the ending, this film was entertaining , charming, and so well-written. It’s nice to see a film that isn’t based off of a book, series, etc. La La Land is truly an original film that will make you feel a full range of emotions. I highly recommend it.









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