fifty shades darker movie review

Fifty Shades Darker: Movie Review

Well, well, well, Mr. Grey is back and better than ever!

Fifty Shades Darker was my favorite book from the trilogy, so I had high hopes for the film adaptation. After watching the first film, I felt like, as a fan of the books, it just didn’t live up to the hype that the books created. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the first movie, but I had just wished for more. That being said, Darker definitely brought more! More character development, more plot, and way more sex than the first movie. (This one was raunchy! I seriously was not prepared for the almost NC-17 rating that this film could have received if they had taken it any further than they already had. Yeah, it was that MUCH.)

fifty shades darker

Jamie Dornan knocked Christian Grey out of the park. This time around he seemed to understand Grey better than he did in Fifty Shades of Grey. He brought more intensity, humor, a range of emotions, and a whole lot more shirtless scenes! Christian genuinely smiles in this film and it happens more than once. Dakota Johnson I thought did a great job as Anastasia Steele. It was very apparent that the two of them felt more comfortable with their characters and interacting with one another than the first time around. Their personalities shined through and it was fun to watch them bring Christian and Ana to life.

Honestly, if you are a fan of the books, you’ll like the film. There are just a lot of little moments (unexpected humor) throughout that make it great along with the pivotal moments (the proposal and Christian dominating Leila), too. Don’t go see this movie thinking every scene will be exactly like the book. There were a few subtle changes, a few things left out, but it was still great in my opinion. I would share with you my favorite scene, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint which one that is. So much happens in this second film (book) that it’s a bit overwhelming.

My only complaints with this film were that it moved a bit fast and lacked to give depth to a few things. It felt like they just skimmed the surface at times. I was a little disappointed with the scene where Christian becomes the submissive. This was a scene I was looking forward to a lot. It was a huge moment in the book and while the scene leading up to that moment was perfection, it just lacked something for me. That’s just my opinion though.


And can we just talk about the soundtrack for this film? The music was amazing! It set the mood for  so many of scenes in so many ways. Helium by Sia is hands down my favorite. It’s really beautiful, plus I am a big Sia fan. She’s super talented. Her song is featured when Ana sees Christian with Leila and feels like she isn’t enough for him. See the film, listen to the song, and you will have major feels!

Despite the negative reviews it is receiving, this film was made with the fans in my mind. If you’re not one, than I wouldn’t recommend it. That being said, and being a fan, Fifty Shades Darker exceeded my expectations. It is definitely worth seeing (maybe even more than once just to stare at Jamie Dornan for two hours) if you enjoyed the books.




3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Darker: Movie Review

  1. pepejan725 says:

    Agree with your asseamen of the film
    My thoughts are similar
    As the 2nd book begina with CG practically declaring his love -not there
    2 storylines in this trilogy 1 was pushed aside for only the love story
    I am a fan & a supporter but I feel cheated in some aspects of the key points

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  2. Rhonda says:

    I agree with everything you wrote about Fifty Shades Darker. The pivotal scene with Christian breaking down to Ana, while in his foyer of his apartment , fell short. It was so dramatic in the book that I am surprised that EL James let that scene happen as was shown on screen.

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  3. Michelle Simpson says:

    I loved the first and second movie. From my side no complains. The books are the best. Can never get enough of the books. What i have learned from rhe books are don’t judge a person life style before u know why he or she is the way they are. Best movies and books!!!!!! Cant wait to see the final movie

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