Our Engagement Photo Shoot

Long time, no blog. I never said I was good at this whole blogging thing.

Since it has been some time since I last brought you a little snippet of life, I’d thought I’d share something fun and exciting that my fiance and I did two weekends ago: our engagement photo shoot.

If you’re just stumbling across this blog post and my blog for the first time: Hi, I’m Megan! My fiance, Nick, and I got engaged in May 2016 in Cancun. We have been together for almost eight years and are currently planning our wedding back in the Chicago suburbs even though we live in Texas. Yup, we are having a “destination wedding” if you want to call it that. Really it’s only a “destination wedding” for us two as most of our family and friends still live in Illinois while we decided to say our goodbye to the Land of Lincoln and place our roots elsewhere.

Planning a wedding out of state has been quite the adventure, but I may save all the details about that for another blog another time…back to the purpose of this blog.

When it came to deciding on a location of where we would have our photos taken, I immediately knew where I wanted to go. While living in West Texas, there are plenty of picturesque places to go to like the mountains or small little towns with historical charm to even the pecan farms, there was one place in particular that I knew would be perfect and different.

White Sands National Monument was the setting for our intimate photo shoot. If you’ve never been, you need to go. It is settled essentially in the middle of nowhere (Alamogordo, New Mexico) and has what seems like endless rolling hills of white sand with mountains as the backdrop. It is one of the coolest and most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of visiting. It looks like mounds of snow, honestly, but minus the cold and slush. You can even go sledding, yes sledding down the hills, too. Also, fun fact that Brad Pitt actually did a photo shoot out there not too long ago for GQ. Check it out here: Inside Brad Pitt’s GQ Style Cover Shoot.


As for our photographer, instead of going with someone local, we actually flew in my fiance’s step-sister who has a keen eye for photography. I’m so happy that she agreed to fly thousands of miles to help us out with this. Sure, we could have interviewed and hired someone who knew the area and had done photo shoots at this location before but having my soon to be sister-in-law was ideal. Having her taking our photos was fun and relaxing. We didn’t have to get to know the person behind the lens. We didn’t have to feel awkward even if I was awkward at times because let’s be honest, having your photo taken sometimes can be.

We arrived out to White Sands in the late afternoon on a Friday. What could have been a not so weather friendly day actually turned out better than expected. The forecast all week showed rain and it did rain a lot, but thankfully it held up and we got a partly cloudy day which was perfect. What wasn’t perfect was the wind. If you know anything about living in the desert is that sometimes the wind can be brutal. It did make it tricky at times trying to make sure my hair wasn’t flying in my face or becoming a total mess, but we made it work.

_Nick and Megan 001.jpg

Finding the location and choosing our photographer were the easy parts. The attire was honestly the hardest thing for me to figure out. Of course, you want to look perfect and sometimes finding the right outfit can be easier said than done. After much debate, I ended up going with an inexpensive shift dress from Kohls. I essentially wanted a long maxi dress for a more flowy vibe, but shopping for that style of dress in September was difficult. My fault for waiting until the last minute, literally the day before. I was actually very pleased with my choice. The color popped wonderfully against the sand and I kept it pretty simple for my fiance in a white long sleeve shirt and dark jeans. As for hair and makeup, I just did that all on my own. I thought about going to a salon, but at the end of the day I didn’t want to spend the money and just wanted to look like me and not a dolled up version of me. I’m simplistic when it comes to my appearance. Sometimes, especially if you don’t know the hairdresser or makeup artist, it can be tricky achieving the look you want. To play it safe, since I didn’t do a trial or anything, I just DIYed it.

_Nick and Megan 062_Nick and Megan 124

I believe we stayed out at White Sands for almost two hours at the max. The sun was setting so sometimes it made it tricky to get photos that didn’t have us squinty too much or too much sun glare. And there sometimes the sun worked perfectly in our favor and captured some really beautiful shoots.

_Nick and Megan 162_Nick and Megan 092

I’m honestly so happy with the way these photos turned out. The best part of all of it was just how much fun I had while taking these photos with my fiance. He knows that I don’t like posing for photos and I know he isn’t super keen on it either, but we made the most of that day.

I particularly loved these shots of my engagement ring. When we got engaged in Mexico, we didn’t have any photos taken. No one captured the moment and honestly, I’m fine with that. I loved how intimate it was when it happened. We aren’t a couple who normally displays everything, except in these rare occasions. But I love that I do have a photo now that shows off how gorgeous my one-karat Blue Nile diamond ring is.

_Nick and Megan 053

Now that our engagement photos are complete, it’s time to start thinking about the save the date cards, etc. The wedding planning never ends! I do hope that in some way this blog might help give a little insight into this particular step in the whole wedding planning craze for newly engaged couples. If not, oh well! I had fun sharing this piece of my life with you all.

If you want me to share more about my wedding planning, maybe I’ll work up the courage to write another blog. Let me know in the comments!

life update wedding planning

Life Update


Busy bee over here. It feels like someone hit the gas pedal and suddenly my life is going at a million miles per hour. Ah! Brake, brake!

Since I haven’t posted a blog in far too long, I thought I share a brief update on what is going on in my life. Among working, adulting (ugh!), and turning 27 years old (three years from the dirty 30!), I have been preoccupied with a few other things, good things, in fact. Recently, I decided to dip my toes back into getting involved with my community and networking more. I did this a lot in college being part of Greek life, but since I graduated I have lacked the motivation to do really push myself back into that lifestyle. When this opportunity to get involved and volunteer presented itself to be I decided that instead of finding all my fictitious reasons to say no to another opportunity, I finally said yes, and I’m so happy that I did. The organization that I’m involved with is truly inspiring and a lot of fun thanks to the ladies I get to work with, too. I’m assisting them with their social media and so far the content has been really fun to create pertaining our upcoming events, etc. I’m can only assume with our big event in September that things will pick up with meetings, content creation, and small events leading up to it, but I’m really looking forward to it all as I’ll get more opportunities to meet more people in the community and show off what I do best all for a good cause.

Recently, I decided to dip my toes back into getting involved with my community and networking more. I did this a lot in college being part of Greek life, but since I graduated I have lacked the motivation to do really push myself back into that lifestyle. When this opportunity to get involved and volunteer presented itself to be I decided that instead of finding all my fictitious reasons to say no to another opportunity, I finally said yes, and I’m so happy that I did.

The organization that I’m involved with is truly inspiring and a lot of fun thanks to the ladies I get to work with, too. I’m assisting them with their social media and so far the content has been really fun to create pertaining our upcoming events, etc. I’m can only assume with our big event in September that things will pick up with meetings, content creation, and small events leading up to it, but I’m really looking forward to it all as I’ll get more opportunities to meet more people in the community and show off what I do best all for a good cause.

Aside from that, wedding planning has truly taken up most of my time lately. In one week, I will be celebrating my one-year engagement anniversary. How crazy is that?! Don’t get me wrong, planning a wedding can be fun, but it comes with its stress factors, too. When there are hundreds of vendors out there that all seem wonderful and you are thousands of miles away from it because you are planning a wedding out of state (hello destination wedding!), it can be a little overwhelming. So far, I have our date set (7/21/2018), our venue booked, and I said YES TO THE DRESS! However, I have still a lot to do before I can sit back, relax, and wait until the bid day #BestDayEver!

And when I’m not focusing on my wedding, I’m focused on other people’s weddings. I have the honor to stand up in two of my best friend’s weddings this summer. Both are two weeks apart and their bachelorette parties are on the same weekend, so lots of traveling. Did I mention that I’ve busy?

I would rather be busy than bored, though.

That’s enough for now. I hope I didn’t bore you all with this post and if you didn’t mind this little personal piece, I’ll do my best to keep you guys updated a little better with what’s going on in my life in the future.






The Best Damn Concert: Garth Brooks Tour 

I have not had a post-concert high in a long time and I am loving it! 

Last night, in the spur of the moment, my fiancé and I bought tickets to see Garth Brooks. We were both talking about how we haven’t been to a concert in a while and randomly I went on StubHub to see if there were any reasonable resale tickets. Sure enough, there were two seats that were selling for a more than reasonable price. I felt like it couldn’t be true, but I jumped on it and snatched them up before anyone else could. I won’t disclose how much we spent, but it was a steal. I would have been willing to pay more, but this was a deal I was not about to pass up. And no, these weren’t the best seats in the house, but they were decent seats in my opinion for what we paid.

We got to the venue around 5:45 pm. This was about the same time the previous show (five sold out shows in total for the weekend) had just got out. Thankfully, the sun was beginning to go down so it standing in line for about an hour wasn’t horribly unpleasant. Once inside, we took our seats and realized the section we were in was going to be impossible to get out of once the show started, which was fine because once it did I had no desire to go to concessions or need the bathroom.

Mitchel Rossellini, the opening act, did a four song set. He was actually really good for just him and his guitar belting out song after song. Definitely check him out! (And ladies, he’s got the looks, too.) Then Garth Brooks took the stage at 8 pm and the everyone went nuts. 

From the moment he took the stage, Garth was full of energy, singing his heart out and jamming out, and oozing with appreciation for how much the crowd loved him. It’s hard not to love him. He truly made it known that this show was for the fans. He played all the old songs that gave him the amazing career he has today. He told funny stories and really relished in how much the crowd loved every single thing he did. Some artists that I have seen in the past take the stage, go through the motions of their set list, and when the last song has ended they are done. I’m not saying other artists aren’t good live or aren’t appreciative of their fans, but Garth seemed genuine his entire show. Sure, some of it’s a gimmick, but he made it feel like he honestly, whole heartedly loved what he was doing and let the fans know it.

There was not a dull moment in his show. Sometimes there can be at concerts aka the bathroom breaks, but there really wasn’t. I lost count how many songs he played (and there were a lot). He played for two and a half hours with a minor break in his set so his wife, Trisha Yearwood could come out and sing a few of her songs. Girl has still got it, too! Even when we thought the show was over, he came our easily for another twenty minute set of just him and his guitar and played fan favorites that he hadn’t played yet and threw in a few covers. I’m not going to lie. I lost it when he played, Piano Man by Billy Joel. 

For anyone who is debating whether to go see him, or hasn’t seen him since he went on tour last, or are seeing him for the first time like I did, just go! He’s worth every penny. You won’t find a better artist (unless you’re really not a country fan) out there. 

Share your Garth Brooks concert experience with me in the comments below. I loved to hear about it. Or give this blog a like if you’re a Garth fan! 

Play Ball – MLB Opening Day

Just want to say Happy Opening Day to all my fellow baseball followers and readers. 

There are only two sports that I follow and enjoy: hockey and baseball, but baseball is definitely more of my thing. To me, baseball means summer time which is my favorite season. Every year I try to make it to a game, especially at Wrigley Field, but now that I’m no longer living near Chicago it looks like that may be a little harder to do. I made it happen last year last April so maybe I can make it happen again. For now, I’ll have to reside with enjoying games from my couch.

Anyone looking forward to the Cubs vs. Cardinals game for Opening Night? Should be a good match up. Also, let me know if you’re a fellow Cubs fan or what team you cheer for in the comments. 

April Showers Bring Wedding Flowers

How in the world is it April already? 

2017 feels like it has already begun to slip through my fingers. There are so many things that I have yet to do, but still have to look forward to, too. 

This year I’m trying to be more proactive with life and less inactive aka lazy. It’s hard to do when sitting down and losing yourself in apps on your phone so easy to do, but I’m trying to turn that mindless task into something productive. Such as, I’m about 400-something days out from my wedding day so I’m trying to use this extra time to check things off my list. Even if it’s just researching ideas, vendors, etc. If I have learn anything from attending friend’s weddings in the past few years, I want the weeks, hell even months leading up to, but especially the day of to be stressful free as possible. Who wants to be stressing about the little things so close to their wedding? Not this girl!

That being said, I still cannot believe how fast this year is speeding by me. I remember thinking at the end of 2016 about all the time I’ll have to wedding plan and now with spring here and summer approaching, the year mark countdown to my wedding is approaching sooner than expected. Ah!

Does any other soon to be brides feel like this? That you’re being proactive about planning, yet somehow it seems to be going by so fast in the blink of an eye! Or when you were planning your wedding, did everything go by faster than expected? I’d love to hear from brides about their planning experience, especially any who are planning or planned their wedding out of state like me. Let me know in the comments!

meal prep

All About That Meal Prep Life

I started meal prepping like so many others about three weeks ago and thought I’d just share a bit about it here.

There are many reasons why I started: healthier eating habits, one take lunch preparation for the work week, money saver, and to try and step up my cooking game. More than anything it’s for health reasons.

I’m not a health nut by any means nor do I completely neglect my body of the good stuff that it needs. I’m somewhere in between, but I realized it was time to be better about what I consumed even though it has been hard. Trust me, I still want that cheeseburger and french fries. I still want to snack on chips and candy, but the longer you cut that out of your diet, the easier it becomes not to crave it. I still let myself indulge time to time because I believe that you should enjoy the little things in life and to treat yourself but with discretion. I  still enjoy french fries but just in a much smaller portion. When it comes to eating better, it really is about portion control. Hence, meal prepping.

So far, it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve actually enjoyed the meals I’ve made for lunch which consist of brown rice, grilled chicken marinated in some sort of sauce sparingly, and a paired vegetable. Each week I’ve changed it up from garlic and herb to lemon pepper to salsa. I’m no chef and I’ll be honest I sort of wing it when it comes to making everything, but it has been fun to experiment with new flavors and pairings. Even my fiancé has joined on the meal prepping journey with me and has given me an A+ approval on the meals I’ve made.

Keep in mind, I’ve only been doing this for lunch aka five days a week. I have to be strict with myself when it comes to breakfast, dinner, and the weekends. It’s easier said than done, but like I said before portion control can be your best friend when it comes to enjoying good food.

Let me know if you’d like me to share more about my meal prepping [healthier eating] journey by liking this blog post. I can share recipes, tips I learn along the way, workouts, etc. I’m open to tips and recipes from fellow meal preppers in the comments, too!

Quarter Life Crisis 

There is such a thing as a “quarter life crisis”. This coined phrase seems dramatic and made up, but as I venture through my twenties it really doesn’t seem made up at all. If anything, it perfectly sums up the lingering anxiety that I feel like most twenty-somethings, even thirty-somethings  experience at one point or another. 

What is it you might ask? It’s basically like having a mid-life crisis but in your twenties/thirties. But how could you possibly be having a crisis at such a young [adult] age? Well, there’s pressure from our parents and society, and let’s not forget about the social media posts that we choose to expose ourselves to on a daily basis as a reminder of all the things we are not doing or feeling while someone else is. Mix that all together with some uncertainty and unhappiness and you’ve got a quarter life crisis.

As a kid, I always thought I would have it all figured out in my twenties. My parents seemed to have their shit together, but as I’m about to embark on my twenty-seventh birthday in a few months, I’m beginning to wonder if my parents did have it all figured out like they made it seem to be. Hmm…

For me, my quarter life crisis hasn’t been a full blown meltdown or anything extreme, but I have had serious moments of uncertainty when it comes to my career. 

This past year, I debated the idea of going back to school to study something different. I like what I’m doing now, but I don’t feel fulfilled with it. Honestly, it scares me that I don’t feel 100% content with my job or my degree. A part of me feels stuck like I’m in a hole that I can’t get out of when in reality I can. It’s hard seeing others around me happy with their careers and be so highly rewarded for it when I haven’t felt that way yet. I’ve job searched (and currently I am still on the hunt) to see if maybe a different work environment could lift my spirits, but I haven’t been blessed yet with a new opportunity. I have tried to branch out at my current job to dip my hands in other aspects of daily operations just to gain experience and build my resume. Ultimately, this is where I came up with the idea to further my education in something a bit more complex than what I’m already doing but it’s overwhelming. You know, what if I realize half way through my studies that it isn’t right for me or what if it is and now I feel like I wasted my initial degree. It’s just a never ending cycle of what ifs and uncertainty that has been driving me insane. Ah!

I think we all have these moments of panic and while I’m still trying to figure out my “crisis”, I know things will work out in the end. I’m a full believer in everything happens for a reason. It sucks to have to wait but waiting is just half the battle. The other half is not giving up on yourself even when you want to. Nothing happens over night. At this moment, I’m just taking it one day at a time because that’s only way I now how to approach this personal predicament. If I let myself get too focused on the unknown road ahead of me that’s when the panic and anxiety kicks in and that’s just not how I want to feel all the time. I refuse to let something I’m not currently comfortable with control me or dictate my daily attitude. For now, I’m trying to make the most of what I am blessed with when it comes to my career and hope that with determination, dedication, and motivation it WILL work out for the best. 

Feel free to share in the comments if you’re currently struggling with something in your life, no matter your age. I know I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed and would love to hear how others have handled their moments of panic.